Reopen Plan

The Reopen & Stay Open Plan for BB&N

Smart. Safe. Resilient.

The Reopen & Stay Open Plan for BB&N

We present below BB&N’s plan for reopening school this Fall. 大发软件的计划以社区的安全和福祉为优先考虑, 为大发软件面临的挑战想出深思熟虑的解决方案, 并允许学校在三种模式之间轻松移动,同时确保大发软件所有的学生都接受了良好的教育. We released this plan on August 1, 2020, and will publish updates on this page, as needed moving forward this summer. We invite you to read the plan below.

Connected@Home: BB&N's Remote Learning Plan

(published on August 27, 2020)

Appendix: Sample Academic Schedules

BB&N Community Letters from Head of School Dr. Jennifer Price

Town Hall Meeting Recordings

All School Town Hall
(August 6, 2020)

Lower School Town Hall
(August 11, 2020)

Middle School Town Hall
(August 12, 2020)

Upper School Town Hall
(August 13, 2020)

Visitors and Tutors on Campus

To ensure the health and safety of our community, 所有校园设施对家庭和访客关闭,等待进一步通知. 只有学生、教师、基本工作人员和合同工才能进入大发软件的校园. 大发软件的户外设施如游乐设施和场地也不对家庭和游客开放.

To comply with this policy, 学校会要求家长在家里通过视频会议或其他远程工具为孩子安排辅导.